Welcome to Optitech The premier supplier of high-performance simulation, training, and advanced control solutions to the pulp & paper industry.

Our objective is to build a loyal customer base by achieving high performance at an exceptional value, providing robust, easy-to-use products, and positively impacting our customer's profitability.

Understanding the customer’s specific needs and requirements is critical to providing focused, high-performance products at exceptional prices. Some of our competitors offer "cookie-cutter" products that assume all of their customers’ needs are identical; this approach results in poorly focused, underperforming products. Other competitors offer overly complex products that include far more than the customer needs in the hope that some of it does what the customer needs; this approach results in highly priced, bloated products that are often difficult to use. We custom design all of our products to meet the unique requirements of the customer; no more, no less. The result is a high-performance product with an excellent user experience at an attractive price.

Optitech offers training, simulation and advanced control products that are carefully designed to maximize your profitability. Our competitors offer bloatware products and control strategies “shoehorned” into expensive general-purpose platforms that may require months of engineering to implement and are difficult to maintain without purchasing expensive support contracts; these products are clearly designed to maximize their profitability, not yours. Our strategies are focused on adressing key variables that are critical in achieving a specific training or control objective. Our software sets new standards in flexibility and ease of use, allowing rapid implementation of our control and simulation strategies. The end result is a product that precisely achieves the customer's objectives, is easy to maintain, and is cost effective to implement.